Mary Waldon, PhD, LCSW

Psychotherapy for Young Women ages 18-35

Finding one's way through young adulthood can be overwhelming and confusing. Managing college, the work world, social commitments, and a rapidly developing sense of self can be intense. Mary Waldon, PhD, LCSW specializes in helping young women find their way to balance, as well as to a loving and authentic relationship with themselves.

Psychotherapy for Women ages 36 and beyond, including mothers and daughters, and sisters

Therapy can be a mechanism of the most meaningful self-care. Therapy can meet your needs during very difficult times; therapy can be a place of self-exploration. It can also be a place to sort out life's most precious relationships. Yet the thought of starting psychotherapy – with someone new or for the very first time – can be unsettling… even scary. Dr. Waldon’s confidence and warmth will help you feel at ease. She will see you through to a place of self-understanding and a new level of life awareness that brings real relief. If you so choose, she can collaborate with any past or current providers to help ease the transition and make the most meaningful use of your time.


Behavior Change and Depth Psychotherapy

Perhaps you have worked on troubling behaviors in the past, only to have them reoccur. Eating behaviors, depression, toxic relationships – you put your effort into change, and still, you suffer. Why are things as they are? How can you understand yourself better and thus truly be free of old patterns, habits, and ways of being that do not serve you? How can you gain an understanding of the patterns in your life that cause you pain? This takes time in psychotherapy, and we can get there.


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Dr. Waldon is currently working exclusively through video-based telehealth. Please call 847-306-0268 for an appointment.


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